Reflections of a Concerned Earthling
By Richard Steeves, October 2005



1) First impressions

2) Defiling the Environment

3) Finding ‘Plan B’ in Alaska

4) Gleanings from “The Hydrogen Economy” in Science (8/13/04)

5) Can we rise above our Selfish Genes?

6) Why is Environmentalism rejected by the masses?

7) Prescription for the Future (What must we do?)

a) Understand our REAL place on the planet
b) Accept with humility our global impact
c) Reject superstition and the BAU ethic
d) Appreciate the fragility and the gift of the soil
e) Embrace the Three Musketeers’ philosophy
f) Get serious about birth control

8) Problems that Need Special Attention

a) Africa, the beleaguered continent
b) Nuclear energy and its enigma

9) Whither Planet Earth?