About Richard

Let me tell you a little about my background, so you’ll appreciate better the tone of these articles. I was born in Virginia, USA, in February 1938. Since my parents were Canadian, we settled in London, Ontario after WWII. I was educated in Canada, in London’s public schools, at Ridley College in St. Catharines, then at the University of Western Ontario for medical school, and finally at the University of Toronto for a PhD in medical biophysics.

After working at the Montreal General Hospital (intern), at McMaster University (post-doctoral fellow) and at Roswell Park Memorial Institute (assistant scientist), I moved with my family to New York City, where I worked at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (associate professor) and where I eventually trained (1977-1980) to become a radiation oncologist. Now I’m winding down my professional career as emeritus professor at the University of Wisconsin, where I’ve cared for cancer patients over the past 35 years. My research interests have focussed on how viruses cause cancer, and how hyperthermia can be used to assist radiation in the treatment of cancer.

If you click on Articles and read "Reflections of a Concerned Earthling", you'll learn how I fell in love with Nature.  We are all affected in various ways by Nature's beauty.  Some feel a certain reverence as they fish or hunt, but I feel a powerful commitment to try to protect the whole planet.  Rather than argue over which is the better predictor of climate change, the Canadian or the Hadley model, I admit to a passionate belief that caring and acting sooner is better than waking up later and wishing we had acted sooner.  If you feel similarly, then welcome, and read on!


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